When is it Time to Worry?

This morning Gouda didn’t eat his breakfast. He got just as excited about breakfast as normal, but he sniffed it, ate maybe 3 kibbles and then looked up at me and Nate and wagged his tail. Completely out of character for him. This is the dog that would eat anything you put in front of him.

Now, he’s had some digestive issues the past few months and while nothing big has turned up, at his last vet trip it was suggested he start on some sensitive stomach chow so we got that and mixed it in with his diet chow. That was atleast two weeks ago.

We heard his stomach gurgling this morning, so maybe he didn’t feel well, but all his stomach issues in the past never stopped him from eating (except when we withheld food to give his stomach time to calm down).

Layne Playing  Cute

I know missing one meal is not going to kill him. Layne once skipped like 4 meals in a row before going to the vet to determine there was nothing wrong with her and she started eating again normally after that.

So I’m a little worried. If he skips dinner I’ll be a lot worried.

And in other news, Layne didn’t like that I went upstairs to take a picture of Gouda and not of her so she retaliated by bringing the cute.

3 thoughts on “When is it Time to Worry?

  1. rachel

    I have been told in the past their appetite is very sensitive tot heir sense of smell: maybe he has a cold. Last time my dog wouldn’t eat my vet told me to get some wet food and warm it up so it smelled reaaaalllly good.


  2. your crazy dogs really are cute.

    in other news… Kevin Caudill is getting married on Friday to his 18 year old girlfriend, who is pregnant. Thought you might like to know if you didn’t already 🙂


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