I Fought the Bed

And the bed won!

Last night as I was crawling into bed I whacked my knee on the corner of the footboard.

I mean I nailed it!

I figured I’d throw in a picture for good measure so you could see how after owning this bed for around 7-8 years I am still unable to navigate around the bed without injuring myself on it.

I can’t even tell you how many times I smacked it in the past. I’d walk around, cutting the corner and WHAM! It came out of nowhere. Finally, FINALLY I thought I was over it, but apparently it will never be safe.

Gouda even went so far as to chew one of the edges (the one not pictured). Originally I thought it was because after having him for about 3 months he accidently got locked in the bedroom while I was in the shower and since he was still a “bad dog” at the time he directed his frustrations at my poor undeserving bed. This recent incident has led me to reconsider and maybe the bed attacked him too and the chewing was simply retaliatory.