Where Did the Weekend Go?!

I swear this weekend absolutely flew by! Yesterday we just took it easy. Asside from visiting the new house there was much loafing and lounging around.

This morning I went to the world’s longest baby shower. It was fun and nice to hang out with the ladies for a while, but getting there at 11:30am and leaving there at 3pm was not what I had in mind!

After that I’m not really sure where the rest of my day went. We went over to my parents’ house to get the foosball table out of my dad’s car (it has been there since Tuesday. Thanks Dad!) and we stayed there for a little bit and then we went to grab some dinner and pick up some groceries and now it’s almost 7:30!

Considering we did practically nothing this weekend I’m exhausted! I go to bed, I’ve been sleeping pretty well, but I wake up feeling just as tired as I did when I go to sleep. It’s getting kind of old!

Anyways, this really cute picture of my dogs doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, I just thought it was cute. Since the dogs have been in the car so much lately we put one of their beds from the living room in the car, so there’s only one bed downstairs now and they’re forced to either share, or lay on the floor.