We Haven’t Moved In Yet

And we’ve already been hit up to buy stuff.

We went by the new house today because my mom told me she took my aunt and uncle by during the week and the backsplash and new counter tops were in. It just reminded me how completely freaking excited I am about moving into that house. It’s such the perfect house for us and it doesn’t have a list of 500 “to do” projects required. (It does have a couple of potential projects, but none of them are major and none of them are immediately necessary).

While we were wandering around we heard the door bell ring. I had no idea who could be ringing the doorbell but Nate went and answered and it was a kid selling a sheet of coupons for the local high school (which happens to be the same high school I graduated from). I was taught that if a kid shows up at your door, you buy what they’re selling so we bought one. It’s coupons for local restaurants so we may actually even get to use them!

The kid was nice, we’re not sure if he was from the neighborhood or not though. He asked if we knew the next door neighbors yet because he was friends with their son and said they were cool people, so that’s good to know! I wonder if he noticed there was no furniture in the house and there were dogs in the car.

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