Happy Valentine’s Day!

Nate and I are hanging in tonight and having a nice dinner together, with the dogs and cats looking on, I’m sure. Last year we got each other smallish gifts, but this year we went all out! For Valentine’s Day (though the gift will be slightly belated) we’re getting each other a house! Same house, actually. Go figure.

Anyways, at work someone brought in those candy hearts. After eating almost enough to make myself sick I started looking at what they said. Normally they say really cute, or silly but mostly sweet things.

Then I saw it.



E-mail?? Really?!

How very modern.

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. I don’t know why I find those freaking candy hearts so hard to resist. A kid brought me a box this morning, and it was extra exciting because they were the good kind of hearts that have the banana flavored yellow ones.


  2. The “I got you a house for Valentine’s Day!” joke was running rampant in our house yesterday too. Hehe!

    I think those candy hearts have some really strange sayings. Email? What?


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