Sound Sleeper

For the most part I’m a very sound sleeper. I go to sleep easily even if Nate is watching TV in the evenings, and I don’t often get woken up by things in the night.

Take last night, for example.

Nate jumped out of bed and turned on the light, scolding Layne for the second time that night. What was Layne doing? The dogs used to like to walk down my side of the bed because it is only about a foot, to a foot and a half away from the wall. They liked to wedge themselves under the bed over there for some reason. We’ve taken to putting up pillows to block them from getting into the area. Yes they’re a flimsy barrier but they had been working well until recently. Last night she jumped over the pillows then shook the bed as she tried to wedge herself under it. Who knows why she did it. Even though it was on my side of the bed and practically right under me, I was sound asleep until Nate turned on the light and told her to knock it off and go back to the dog-approved side of the pillows. I didn’t hear her rubbing against the wall or feel her shaking the bed either time she did it.

Unfortunately, while I can sleep through things like that, I cannot seem to get my internal clock to reset. The past few weeks I’ve woken up several times a night on most nights. Recently it has settled into a pattern. I wake up around 4:26, relieved that I still have an hour left to sleep, and then it seems almost immediate that I wake up at 5:20 knowing I only have ten minutes left in bed. It sucks. I’m sure it’s house-moving-grandfather-stress related. I’m hoping once we get moved it’ll relieve enough worry to straighten itself out but I’m not holding my breath. Once my body gets into a rhythm like that it’s hard to get it back out.