Week Three: Panic

Oh no! It’s been 2 weeks and 2 days and my house hasn’t sold.

Holy crap I need to calm the heck down. In the mean time I’ve continued painting trim and scrubbing the crap out of surfaces I wish I’d know would come clean when we bought the house! My sister summed it up pretty well when I talked to her on Friday. She asked what we were doing for the evening and I told her we planned to clean the house. She said like the past 5 times I’d talked to her we’d been cleaning the house and I know she was right. The house has probably never since it was built been so clean as it’s been the past few weeks.

In non-house related news House (haha) has run out of new episodes, Nip/Tuck only has two new ones left (I think) and most of my other shows ran out months ago. I really really really really hope the writers vote to take this new deal and while it may not bring back shows from the fall, at least next season will be new and maybe summer TV will be new too. I could live with that. Plus all these not-new shows right now are really motivating when it comes to making myself clean the house and stuff like that. And now I have to go lay down because I think all those paint fumes are starting to get to me and I’m feeling a little yucky. Ugh.