Strategy or Paranoia?

Last night at 10pm my realtor (selling agent) called.

First of all, it was 10pm, I had been laying in bed watching HGTV for at least 30 minutes and was practically asleep. I may have even been completely asleep but for such a short period of time I wasn’t sure if I was awake or asleep and why was the phone ringing at 10pm!? And then I saw it was our realtor and all was forgiven.

She was not calling to say someone made us an offer. She was calling to say that a buyer’s agent called to ask what kind of closing date we were looking for on our house. I was sort of flustered. I was so flustered; in fact, I started wondering if I had actually been asleep and if I was really capable of intelligent thought and so I started rambling about closing in March sometime but not during this one long weekend we’d be out of town. So we picked a date to give them and that was that.

And now I’m left wondering why would they want to know what kind of closing date we were looking for, and do they still plan on making an offer after hearing our date and if they do how long will it take before we get an offer, because so far we have no offer. I mean were they hoping they could get a further out closing date and now they don’t want our house? Or they’re ok with the closing date, they do want our house, they just want us to know that someone is interested and maybe if they make us wait a few days for an actual offer we’ll be so excited to be getting an actual offer that we’ll take anything.

Or, you know, none of the above.

2 thoughts on “Strategy or Paranoia?

  1. It’s so interesting to read a seller’s point of view while we’re in the process of buying a house! Maybe we’ll try that trick with the house we like 🙂


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