Lazy Sunday

It’s been a pretty quiet weekend so far. I feel kind of like we’re tethered to the house right now. I’m afraid to go too far away from home without the dogs because if we get called for a showing we have to go back home to pick up the dogs. Yesterday the dogs got to go with us to CJ Woodmaster’s, Chili’s, Circuit City, and the grocery store. They still get super excited about puting their leashes on but I’m afraid they’re getting tired of the mobile crate.

We had one showing yesterday and we have one scheduled for today. I guess it’s starting to slow down some, which I think is normal, but still.. I was starting to worry what if no one came at all this weekend?!

So I’ve been trying to watch movies that are On Demand on HBO and Showtime lately. So far I saw Children of Men (which was OK but not great) and Smokin’ Aces which I liked pretty well. I have to admit *spoiler alert* I might have enjoyed it a little more if not for the part where as soon as they mentioned plastic surgery and that the FBI agent that was killed I figured out that he was really the big bad guy that was dying. I didn’t figure out the part about the heart and his son, but I knew he was the agent. Oh well. */spoiler alert*

Also, I don’t even want to admit it…. but we’ve been watching American Idol. I’ve watched a few episodes before during this part, but I’ve never kept watching into the regular season. With nothing else on though I’m afraid of being sucked in. I’m afraid I might actually care about some of these singers. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?!

Anyways, so far it’s been a nice lazy Sunday. We know we’ll have to get out of the house for a while eventually, but it’s nice to kind of sit down and relax.

Anyways, everyone ready for the Superbowl?! I’m totally pulling for the Giants. I have no real reason, I don’t really follow pro football but it’s more fun for me to actually have a team.

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