Unrealistic Expectations

(Yes, this is a picture of the house from last year but it was the only one I could find right now that actually showed the front of the house. Those trees hide it well!)

The house has been on the market for almost a week now. Before we listed it we were told that the average time for houses on the market was 40 days, but things have slowed down a little since then. Our neighborhood usually sold pretty quickly but I was thinking it would be at least around 2 months before we’d get a contract.

In the week that it has been on the market we’ve had ten showings, with one of them being a “second” showing. Eight of those ten showings have left feedback on this new showings website and so far it’s mostly been positive and encouraging.

So positive and encouraging, in fact, that I think I’m starting to develop some unrealistic expectations about how long it will actually take to sell my house. I mean if people love it so much how come no one has bought it?!


Here are some numbers that I’m starting to completely obsess over.

Three – number of showings where people are putting our house on their list

Two – number of showings that led people to put our house not just on their list, but at the top of their list

Two – number of showings where no feedback was left. It probably takes like 10 seconds, people, leave me some freaking feedback!

One – number of showings that resulted in a person trying to convince their fiance to ignore the square footage and come see the house anyways because they think it is by far the best house in the neighborhood in its price range.

One – showing where all they could be bothered to say was “nice house,” which still beats “your house sucks”.

One – showing where they thought the house showed well but liked other floorplans better.

So it didn’t take long and now I’m completely obsessed with the feedback site, I check it constantly. Yesterday was the first day this week that we had no showings. As in zero. Zilch. Nada. I’m sure that’s normal and to be expected and it’s actually kind of nice not having to rush out of the house and figure out what to do with the dogs for a whole hour while the house shows, but if it isn’t showing then no one is going to buy it!


Selling the house is making me a little crazy. I recommend not doing it if you can avoid it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Unrealistic Expectations

  1. At least you don’t have dirty laundry and dishes out during showings. I saw some real estate listings and the photos had piles of dirty laundry on the floor! Now THAT is definitely not the way to sell your house.

    What did you guys do to prep your house for selling? I know you’ve had a lot of ongoing projects since you’ve moved in. But, did you do anything specific? Like fresh paint or re-do the caulking in your bathroom? We’re trying to decide how important those little things are before we put our house on the market.


  2. Are you using CentralShowing as the feedback website? We did that and it became the ban of my existence. Too long to type out here but yeah, selling our house was one of the worst experiences ever. And we did the same thing (we both work from home), pack up the dog and head out for however long. Sometimes people wouldn’t show up (we would set the lockbox on a specific letter and if it was moved obviously someone came) so we were out for no reason. Sometimes people would show up after their time. And sometimes people would stand outside and then call and ask for a showing.

    We had one person who brought a little kid with them. Said kid spilled and smooshed crackers into our rug and comforter on the bed. Also left drawings all over the house. One realtor forgot to put the key back in the lockbox and just left it hanging in the lock on the outside. Ugh, so many horror stories! LOL

    One thing I tried to do if I had enough advance notice was bake cookies and leave them out for the people viewing the house. Nothing crazy, I bought the pre-cut Pillsbury cookies and just threw them in the oven before the showing. Then there was fresh cookies out and the house smelled like cookies.


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