Good-Bye Weekends

Hello, CR-V!

Probably “good-bye spare time” too.

The house was shown 5 times over the weekend. Three times on Saturday and twice yesterday. My car has turned into a mobile dog-crate. We took the dogs for a walk during the 10:30-11:30 Saturday showing, which worked out really well. At 11:30 we went home, loafed around, started watching TV. At 1:00 we got a call saying that the 10:30 appt got stuck at a house with a broken lockbox and is running very late, can they come at 1:15? Cue running around the house and then out the door. We stayed out til after 4 because that’s when the last showing was supposed to end.

Cut to Sunday morning, 11:30, about to get in the shower, water running, phone rings. Realtor calling to ask if they can show the house at 11:40.

I mean, I know.. How dare these people want to look at, and possibly even buy my house. HOW DARE THEY!

It was at the moment we knew that our weekends as we knew them were over. We’ll have to start getting up at a reasonable hour and getting showered, straightened and ready to be out the door at a moment’s notice. And I know more showings == good, but I also hope no one wants to look at the house during the day while Nate and I are at work because I don’t want to have to run home and get the dogs out of the house and I know if they were left in the house Gouda would bark the entire time and Layne would wind up completely freaked out. So I’ve got my fingers crossed for lots of evening and weekend showings.

PLEASE someone buy my house!

Also – I keep waiting for someone to stumble upon the CR-V with the dogs in the back parked somewhere while we run in for a few minutes (like the grocery store on Sunday) and call animal control on us for animal cruelty. Even though they have beds in there and it’s not a bad temperature out, I’m still nervous.

Also also – I totally dread the sound of my cellphone now, because most of the times it rang over the weekend it was the national showing whatever place telling me basically I had to go spend the next hour or so trapped in my car with 2 bored and confused dogs.

One thought on “Good-Bye Weekends

  1. This is exactly what I’m not looking forward to about selling our house. The pets + baby…I can’t get out of the house in less than an hour, let alone minutes. Blah.


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