Layne is a Genius

Seriously, sometimes this dog is so smart it’s scary.

Now, those of you with pets are certainly familiar with the gagging sound animals make right before they throw up. When we hear that sound we scramble to get whichever pet it is to the nearest easy to clean surface, like the kitchen floor, or if we’re in the bedroom and it’s the middle of the night, to the master bathtub.

Saturday morning Nate shot up in bed because he heard a sound, and then we heard the the sound. He jumped out of bed and I started looking for which dog it was. Gouda was laying on his bed like nothing was wrong so I figured it had to be Layne.. but where was she?!

She had jumped into the bathtub. To throw up. All by herself.

I mean yeah we felt a little bad that she didn’t feel well, but at the same time it was pretty freaking amazing that she got into the tub all on her own before she was sick. I’m telling you, she’s a freaking genius.

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