It Makes Me Feel Old

My back hurts.

I’m really not 100% sure what I’ve done to make it hurt, but today it is absolutely killing me. Over the last 2 nights I cleaned the carpet in the house and I scrubbed the floors.

Hmm.. maybe the scrubbing the floor part is what did it.. you know.. now that I think about it.

Sometimes my “smart” astounds me.

Anyways, after Gouda’s “episode” a few weeks ago I figured a very thorough cleaning was in order. He seems better, by the way, and I’ve started giving he and Layne yogurt in the evenings which they adore. Hopefully it will help keep poor Gouda’s digestive track in line!

One thought on “It Makes Me Feel Old

  1. You need to have a weekend where all you do is lay around the house and be lazy and not worry about doing home improvement chores. Just enjoy Nate and the dogs’/cats’ company. It’ll definitely help your back out 🙂


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