Layne’s Turn in the Spot Light

Nate took Layne to the vet today. Her eye has been running some lately and while it started out clear like her allergies from last year, it’s started getting a little yellow in one eye. Also she has an open sore on one of the pads on her back feet. It started out as slightly red last week, but then she kept licking it and licking it and since it looked like her licking it was making it worse and not better it was time to take her in.

Although I think really she was the only one who thought licking it was a good idea. She even started trying to play it off if I caught her licking her toe, like nono, she wasn’t licking… just..umm.. stretching that leg. In the general direction of her tongue.


Anyways, it was Nate’s turn so he took Layne in and told the vet about her issues. He also mentioned that in addition to benadryl and saline for her eyes I had given her some of Gouda’s pink eye drops. Personally, I would have omitted that part. I know, I know… Don’t share meds, blah blah blah. I even know that had Layne actually cut her eye instead of having pink eye the drops would make it worse instead of better. I also know that last year she had the exact same thing. Runny allergy eyes that got an infection and turned into pink eye. So I think the vet lectured Nate on how VERY BAD that was. Oops.

Then she gave him another bottle of eye drops and an antibiotic spray to put on Layne’s foot. And if Layne won’t quit licking it then she’s going to have to get one of those lamp shade collars!

One thought on “Layne’s Turn in the Spot Light

  1. rachel

    awww, sad little lampshade head.

    My dog’s latest trick is they lay on their beds until you tell them they can get up. it’s awesome. (well, lexi kind of does. she’s still figuring it out. Chloe just settles down and goes to town on a bone.)


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