Nobody Here by that Name

Ok, someone named Jay needs to quit giving out our home phone number. A couple of months ago we received a gazillion called from american mortgage place. I don’t remember the exact name but I do remember they called almost every day for over a week sometimes twice a day. It was pretty annoying especially when they kept calling until maybe the third or fourth time I asked them to stop. I even called them a couple of times because I saw their caller id on my phone 3 times in one day and I got hung up on when I answered the phone from their number twice. I hated them

We also got a call a few times from Blockbuster telling us that we have a movie that is overdue and we’re about to be charged for it. Also, not us.

Yesterday we had a message on our voicemail from someone at Quicken Loans. Also a call we did not make, so I deleted and ignored it. Today we came home to another voicemail from Quicken Loans, but this time I could hear the name they were asking for. It was Jay. Again. So this time I called them back, but the girl who left the message is out of the office so I had to leave her a message. I left my phone number, but not my name, and told her that for the last year and a half there has been no Jay at this phone number and could she please take my number out of her system. I really hope she does.

So apparnetly someone out there named Jay keeps giving people the wrong phone number. Or he fills out loan applications so poorly that the people have made the same mistake twice when they wound up with our number. Either way he needs to knock it the heck off!

3 thoughts on “Nobody Here by that Name

  1. How annoying! I still have people call my office at work for the person that worked here before me, but she left FIVE YEARS AGO. People like her bank and her pharmacist!


  2. Dude. I’d totally keep an eye on my credit report… Jay might be using some of your information to commit fraud or some kind of ID theft.

    I mean, one or two calls, fine, that stuff happens. But this seems like it’s happening an awful lot; much too often to just be some sort of mix-up. (Especially considering who’s called… Quicken Loans, the Blockbuster Collections Dept., a mortgage company…) Hopefully it’s nothing but a string of coincidences, but yanno, just in case…


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