What the Crap is Wrong with the Toilets in this House?!

The toilet in the masterbath has been running lately. It seems like we just had the stupid toilet downstairs fixed (even though it was waaaay back in September), and I think it is the same part on this one that has gone bad too. I so do not feel like having to have another freaking plumber come out, but I’m not sure this is a part I can replace myself. I’m going to do some research and we’ll see, but I’m afraid I see another plumber in my future!

After waffling back and forth all evening last night I finally caved and decided to take Gouda to the vet today. I’m glad I did because they found what, just not why. Fortunately have several solutions. So he’s on a dewormer (doesn’t have worms, but just in case), a probiotic, and an anti-infective along with the always exciting chicken and rice diet. I really wish I knew what was causing the problem in the first place so we could avoid it altogether! 

And lastly I almost had a some-what creative idea today. I was going to put some button holes on a ribbon to use to hook back the curtains in the kitchen, only I can’t seem to operate the stupid automatic button hole maker foot thing on the sewing machine. After trying like 50 times I ran out of bobbin thread and was not making any actual progress. My mom is coming over this weekend to help me, thank god. Next time I have a bright idea like that someone remind me to wait it out.. it will pass!

3 thoughts on “What the Crap is Wrong with the Toilets in this House?!

  1. rachel

    I’m telling you, thats the same thing beth used to go through. The vet always just gave her an antibiotic and called it a day. Some yogurt on the food will do the trick!


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