So Close.

I started painting the trim this morning while Nate worked on homework. I did the master bath and the office/dog room. Then I realized that I meant to buy oil based paint and bought latex paint instead. Now, I had heard latex was harder to work with and I did think that it seemed awfully easy when I first started, but I didn’t give it another thought. Until about 30 minutes after I finished. Then debated whether or not I was going to buy oil based paint and repaint those rooms (since oil based is supposed to look better for longer). In the end I decided I can’t freaking take the thought of doing those rooms again*. It’s taken me months to talk myself into actually starting this project and I’m afraid if I stop now that I won’t be able to talk myself into picking it back up!

I have to admit I’m pretty irritated with myself over the whole thing. I mean I already had laytex trim paint, and I bought more yesterday at Home Depot because I thought I was buying the “other” paint to the trim with. The right kind. I can’t believe I didn’t realize it until after I finished.

* Technically I was repainting the master bath. I painted the trim with the latex paint I already had a few months ago. Then I decided I was going to get oil based paint and “do it right”. Then I bought more latex paint and am officially declaring myself hopeless.

2 thoughts on “So Close.

  1. rachel

    My husband, the former professional painter, says it’s the gloss, not the oil/latex part that makes it durable, as long as you used satin or something instead of eggshell (something with a sheen to it) he says it shouldnt’ make a difference.

    make of it what you will.


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