The Fridge is Fixed!


I was starting to worry it would never happen. The ticket was opened on Sunday and I called and left them a message to try to expedite the process since I didn’t want to be using coolers all week. They were closed on Sunday and their answering machine was Friday’s message saying they were opening at noon and would call everyone back then.

So by 11 on Monday I hadn’t heard back so I called them back. New message, still no answer. This one said they’re open M-F from 10am-5pm. I figured since I had left my message on Sunday and they had the paperwork from the warranty company they were bound to call me back soon. I tried again at 12:30, 2:30, 3:30 and still no answer. So I called the warranty company to ask how long we had to wait before they could assign another company. They said 48 hours. That seems kind of like a lot to me, but apparently they don’t care what I think! So finally I had given up and planned on calling the warranty people back on Tuesday to complain.

Then at 4:56 they finally called. Four freaking minutes before they closed. If I hadn’t been so excited about the prospect of having my fridge back I may have been a little pissed. And while I have a nagging feeling that I’m being somewhat unreasonable, I’m still going to complain when the warranty company calls to ask how the service was because the other 3 times we’ve called them we’ve been able to get ahold of the service providors within a couple hours. Not that the company did a bad job, because they didn’t, but when your fridge is out, and it was full and would be expensive to replace, you kind of think that it shouldn’t be so hard to get ahold of someone.

And in case anyone was wondering, a relay had gone bad. He was able to replace it and it’s now up and running. Now all I have to do is go back to my sister’s house to reclaim my frozen foods.

Anyways, my neighborhood is starting a community watch. The first meeting is tonight and the local police are coming in to talk to us about how it works and what we need to do. Although I’m not one of the team leads or whatever they’re called, since I’m on the board I was invited, and since I’m on the board I figured it would probably be good for me to go and see what’s going on! Hopefully it won’t suck!

One thought on “The Fridge is Fixed!

  1. Glad you got your fridge fixed! I know what a pain that can be. My fridge died a few years ago, and it took my landlord THREE WEEKS to replace it. Needless to say, I was more than annoyed.


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