An Almost-Great Weekend

On Saturday we “finished” the garage. It seems like months ago (I wonder why) that we got the insulation and drywall up. I started mudding, I borrowed a corner tool from a friend of mine to do the corners, and then we got distracted. December was just a busy month and the garage got bumped down on the priority list, but finally.. finally! it is done. We are definitely NOT painting. Heck, we’re not even sanding the mud. Then we moved the shelves out of the middle of the garage, and re-shelved them and holy crap I can’t even tell you how awesome it feels to be able to walk through the garage without dodging the 50 stacked paint cans or the various other things we had sitting on the floor waiting for new homes.

After running our errands on Sunday and picking up some Pizza Pizza we were feeling pretty good about everything we accomplished over the weekend. Then you all pretty much know what happened next. And remember the part where I told you the fridge was working again? I put a Tupperware bowl of water in the freezer to track its progress. By the time we went to bed it my test bowl was 100% frozen. By the time we got up it was 80% melted again and when we opened the freezer we were greeted with more water. In hindsight we maybe should have turned off the icemaker and removed all of the leftover ice at that point, you know, to avoid all this water we keep running into. Apparently “smart” is not our strong suite. Fortunatly the freezer worked long enough for us to get home without flooding the kitchen.

And while I know some of you hate the BCS (although I can’t figure out why anyone could hate such a perfect system *cough*) is anyone watching the game tonight?? I’m going to watch as much as I can possibly stand. I mean who puts a freakin’ “national championship game” on a Monday night at 8pm?! Football games are LONG and I want to see this one, but I also want to not be a crabby zombie on Tuesday.


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