My Refridgerator is Broken

Last night Nate noticed the fridge was making a strange noise. I didn’t hear it but we felt all the food and it felt fine so we decided it was probably nothing.

This morning we went to Sam’s and the grocery store, put stuff in the fridge and then went back out to my parents’ house to pick up some stuff that needed to go to the dump. On our way home from the dump we went to the Little Caesar’s in downtown Cary. (Small asside, Little Caesar’s is pretty darn tasty consideirng for $15 we got a large pepperoni pizza, italian cheese sticks and buffalo wings)

When we finally got home I opened the freezer to see what would need to be rearranged to fit some of the new food. (We buy like 6lbs of ground beef, separate it into 1lb-ish balls and freeze them). Only when I opened the freezer water fell out. I stood there for a second, confused, and then started feeling the food. Everything was still cold, but things were definitely no longer frozen. I checked the fridge side and while it felt cool it was definitely not cold. Plus it was making a sort of funny noise.

So we have a home warranty and fridge repair is covered (with the exception of some stuff which had better not be what’s wrong with my fridge) so they opened a ticket and faxed our info to the company that is supposed to call us back. Since I didn’t feel like waiting around I called them. I got an anaswering machine telling me that it was Friday January 4 and they would open at noon so if I left a message they would call me back when they open. Only since it was Sunday at 2:30 I am not encouraged.

We wound up taking 95% of our freezer stuff to put in my sister’s freezer (thank god) and on our way home we picked up some ice so we could put things from the fridge side into coolers which we stuck in the garage where it’s cooler. I mean if the fridge is going to break in the winter it does figure that we’re having unseasonably warm weather right now.

Anyways, a few hours later Nate happened to go check the fridge which seems to be acting completely normal now. No more noise, no more warm, and the air feels cooler too, like it’s working again! Which would be awesome, but I’m not ready to unload those coolers yet only to have it start crapping out again while we’re sleeping.

Hopefully the people will call me back tomorrow to come fix this stupid fridge. And so help me if they come out and can’t find anything wrong with it I don’t know what I’ll do!

3 thoughts on “My Refridgerator is Broken

  1. that junk with buying a lot of meat and freezing it will save you one million dollars. We don’t go to Sam’s but occasionally our Food Lion has outrageous deals on meat and we buy huge amounts and break it into two portions and freeze it.


  2. rachel

    you may have over loaded it, too, espeically if you put in a bunch of warm (relatively speaking) food from sams all at once. A fridge thermometer (like the one that goes in your oven, but with lower temperatures) is a good investment for just this type of thing.


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