We took my parents’ out to dinner tonight to thank them for all their help over the last year (and maybe to butter them up a little for the coming year. My parents are pretty awesome.). A new Chop House Grille had opened up near our house so that’s where we went and oh my lord but it was good. I had ravioli with scallops and that pasta sauce was so good if I had a spoon I could have eaten it like a soup.

Anyways, at some point the conversation turned to military men (my mom volunteers at the USO, my dad was in the Army and my husband was in the Airforce so it’s easy to steer the conversation) and my mom mentioned this article she had read in our local paper. I just wanted to post a link to it because it was a nice article about how well those men reacted. I have such respect for our military men and women, so it’s nice to see an article like this about them!