Back to Reality

After having four whole days in a row off work, getting up to come in today was SO HARD.

You know what made it even worse?

The part where I woke up last night at 11:58 because the dog barfed on the floor. It was awesome.

I’m pretty sure the reason he threw up was because he couldn’t handle a whole bowl of chow on an empty stomach, or it could have been all that grass he ate. Either way.

So why was his stomach empty? (You know you want to know!)

When we woke up yesterday morning the dog’s stomach was making some very strange noises. It was almost funny, but I was a little worried he didn’t feel well. He was acting normal (for him), just.. making a lot of unusual noises. Best part was when he came running down the stairs and farted as he hit every step. I almost died laughing. I went and got the camera to try and take a video of him doing it again, but he didn’t do it again. After a few hours the noises started dying down and by dinner he was fine so we fed him like normal. I think we should have given him a bland diet since it had been so long since he had eaten, but we’ll do it right this time!

Anyways, (the usual) doggie drama aside it was a nice holiday weekend and I had a really good Christmas.

And after today I get another four days in a row off work because we’re going (back) to Ohio !