College Bowl Pick’em

After doing miserably in this year’s College Football fantasy league I decided it would be fun to join a bowl pick’em group (which I don’t remember them having last year) so maybe I could redeem myself. I mean let’s face it.. this year was a very strange year for college football and this year the BCS ranking system completely broke. It was not pretty.

So I joined the league and oh my god this is hard. Instead of picking whether teams can cover a spread you have to pick who wins, and then rank the games from 32-1 point per game depending on how confident you are with your picks. So if you’re completely sure a game will come out how you predicted, you give it 32 points and if you’re majorly waffling on a game, give it a 1.

Seems like not a bad system, huh? Except for the part where I have pretty much 0 confidence in all of my picks since I was SO WRONG for most of the season. I mean now that I have to rank them I feel like I have to actually look at the teams’ seasons and who they beat and by how much and I can’t just pick my favorites because I have to rank them and sure I want Georgia to route for Georgia so normally I’d pick them over Hawaii, but how confident am I that they’ll beat Hawaii? NOT VERY! I mean I think they will beat Hawaii, I really do, but putting a weight on that? NOT EASY.

And it’s too late to just skip it because I’ve already joined the league and I don’t want to look like a pansy, tonight! I’ve spent the last two days worrying about whether I made the right choices (and bugging Nate about who he picked while trying to pretend it won’t make my second guess my choices because he came in second and I came in 10th so seriously, who do you think has been making the better choices??). And then it’s another 18 days after that I’ll be watching the stupid bowl games throwing things at my TV because OH MY GOD WHY DID I PICK THEM?! And what was I thinking?

One thought on “College Bowl Pick’em

  1. Kimmy

    “and this year the BCS ranking system completely broke” – quite frankly, I think the BCS ranking system is broke every year. get a real playoff system. and really, 32 freaking bowl games? are you kidding me?! I’ve always joked with Bagel Dave that some day there will be a “Kim & Dave Bowl”. heck, Chick-fil-A has a bowl game, why not us?


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