Christmas Cookies

I have set the plan in motion.

Tonight I made the cookie dough. It’s in the fridge chilling so tomorrow I will make the actual cookies. Then Thursday I will make the fudge. At some point I’ll ice the cookies. I’m pretty excited!

Then of course, I will eat the cookies, and the fudge, and it will be awesome.

I even worked some on knitting the scarf I’ve been knitting for Nate for like 3 years now. I doubled the length! (Which means now it’s like 2 feet long instead of one. I have a long way to go.)

I’m trying to get more into the crafting and baking spirit! I’ve been thinking of custom making some curtains for my kitchen. I don’t want to go too overboard and commit just yet, but it seems like it might be good practice and a relatively easy refresher-project… right??


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