Flying is Fun.

First of all I wanted to say thanks guys, for all the nice and supportive things you said. I really appreciate it.

Secondly flying to Ohio can be such a pain sometimes. By the time we got to the airport around 5 for out 6:55 flight, it was being delayed til 7:40. So we met up with my sister and went to hang out at the airport bar. Then around 7 our flight was cancelled.

Cue panic.

I mean there was no way we were going to miss the funeral. No Freaking Way.

I immediately got in line at the counter to try to get onto another flight and we started talking about driving. I figured we’d drive part of the way, stay the night, and then get up early to finish the drive and make it to the funeral on time. While I was standing in the line I noticed a phone number on the scrolling screen saying to call for rebookings, so I called, and miracle of miracles, someone answered on the first ring.

She told me that they had no more flights out to Columbus that night but she could try another airline for me. I asked if she could find a ticket for Meg too, since Meg didn’t book our flight with us. Then I was put on hold. By then they made an announcement that we could pick up our luggage at the carrousel so off we went, with me still on hold. I swear I was on hold for atleast 10 minutes and was pretty much sure we were driving to Ohio, which I was so not looking forward to, when the woman came back to the line and said she found a flight out on another airline. It had a layover in Charlotte and arrived in Columbus at 11:30 (which is past my bedtime and 2 hours after our original flight), but it had room for all three of us so I said we’d take it! Then I was put on hold for another 10 minutes while she got the reservations set up but by the time we got the luggage and went to the other terminal it was all setup and we were good to go.

I was so impressed and grateful that we were able to get on another flight and didn’t have to drive it.

Unfortunately they totally ruined all that impressed grateful-ness on the flight home when the flight crew was 15 minutes late and we spent over an hour on the plane waiting to be de-iced after we were assured by the captain (atleast 3 times) that it would only be a 10 minute wait.

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