That’s My Boy!

This morning before going into work we had to drop the dogs off at Pupsi. We’re flying up to Ohio tonight and going straight from work to the airport.

So this morning when we got to Pupsi, Nate took Layne inside and I walked Gouda in circles outside hoping he would use the bathroom one more time before taking him inside. Didn’t happen so I gave up, took him inside and we headed off to work.

On the ride over Nate told me that when he got inside the guy that owns the place said that he appreciated me walking Gouda around like that, but he takes them straight to the back now because some guy’s dog crapped all over the front rug a few weeks ago.

Then of course, Nate said “I think that was us!” and the owner’s son looked over and laughed, and agreed. And it was us. Or, it was Gouda anyways.

So that’s freaking awesome. They instituted a new check in policy at Pupsi because my dog poops when he gets anxious/excited, even if he just went 15 minutes ago before you left the house (and we ALWAYS take them out before taking them anywhere, even for walks).

I would be kind of embarrassed if it wasn’t sort of funny at the same time. Way to go, Gouda!

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