A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Biltmore

Friday we left home around 11am and headed towards Asheville for a weekend at the Biltmore.

Right as I was settling into the passenger seat for my post-lunch nap, we heard sirens and a county sheriff went flyng past. So once he passed Nate got back over into the left lane and we were wound up following the guy for a while. First of all I would like to say, MOVE OVER when you see a freakin police car behind you! Honestly people! I couldn’t believe how long it took for some people to get out of the way.

Eventually we saw him get behind someone and it looked like he was finally pulling them over. I figured they must have been speeding something fierce for him to hunt them down like that. The other car sort of pulled off the road, and then back on the road, slowing down, and then finally pulling off the road. Then the police car stopped next to them, still in the right lane.

Then everyone else stopped too. And I mean EVERYONE stopped. The car in front of us stopped next to the police car and then the police officer got out of the car with his gun drawn. Seriously. We just sort of sat there for a few minutes watching, in shock, as he stood there yelling at the car with his gun aimed at their driver side, and he was sort of shielded in the crack between his car door and the car itself.

Pretty much we were sitting in the car speechless. Except maybe for the part where I was babbling about how I thought if the person in the car that was pulled over actually had a gun, I was pretty sure I’d be ok with it if the officer went ahead and shot them in order to prevent any sort of innocent bystander shoot-ups. Then I looked over to my right and there was a guy taking pictures out his window.

Finally a woman (who did not appear to be armed) got out of the car and started walking around to the trunk. Then people got out of a truck that had stopped behind them (that I originally thought stopped for the same reason the rest of us did, because we had to). They started walking towards her and saying something (in hindsight I sort of wish I’d cracked the window so I could have heard what was going on, but I was kind of busy wondering if the person had a gun or not). The woman kept alternating between putting her hands up and putting her hands on the trunk of her car and finally the police officer walked over and started putting his hand cuffs on her.

Right about now we were wondering why the guy in front of us wasn’t moving yet. I mean the situation had been difused, the driver had been apprehended, our assistance was not required… So we pulled into the grass, went around them and drove off. I saw a couple of other cars do the same. I’m not really sure what the correct thing to do in that type of situation. I mean should we have stayed? But at the same time I didn’t want to be there just to be watching what was going on. As nosey as I am it was not my business and we did not need to be there.

Eitherway it made for a very memorable drive to Asheville. I think it was in Davie county, somewhere near exit 154ish on 40, but I’ve Googled the heck out of it and I can’t find anything. As we were driving away we passed like 4 more squad cars on their way to the scene so I’m a little surprised we couldn’t find something in some local news about it somewhere. Not to mention the one guy taking pictures… how can someone take pictures and not have them pastered all over the internet by now?!

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  1. Thanks for reducing the productivity of my day by 30% trying to find a news article about that.

    Did ya’ll check out the Christmas lights at Biltmore? I hear it’s really nice this time of year.


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