Yep, I’m Still an Idiot.

I’ll give you guys the short version.

I got a coupon to for 20% off plus free shipping.

Nate and I have wanted a picture for the master bedroom to hang above our bed.

The coupon expired last Friday and we spent all of last week forgetting to order it, so by Wednesday we had actually picked out the print we wanted and on Friday after work we finally remembered go log on and order it.

Yesterday the print arrived. Aside from being delivered really quickly, the box seemed really big but I figured that was just because the picture is fragile and the big box helps absorb abuse as it travels.

I figured wrong.

The box was really huge because the picture was really huge.

Really REALLY huge.

Because now that I think about it, I don’t remember checking the size on the print before I ordered it. I just sort of assumed it would be the same size as the print that hangs above out fireplace.

It was not. It was Oh So Much Larger.

We held it up over the bed to see if there was any chance it would work there.

There was not.

Fortunately Nate is a genius and decided to test it out hanging over our sofa. It actually looks pretty darn good hanging over the sofa.

New Picture

Notice how the picture is roughly the same size as the sofa.

Seriously though, what kind of person forgets to measure before buying a new picture?!

So now we’re sort of back to square one because this means we still have no picture to hang in our bedroom. Only kind of we’ve now been pushed back even farther, square zero really, because not only are we lacking in a bedroom picture, we now have to find a new home for the Louisville panoramic that used to hang above the sofa.

Someone please stop me from ordering things on the Internet, because apparently I suck at it!

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