The Neverending Garage Project

When we decided to insulate and drywall our garage said I knew it wouldn’t be easy (but secretly I was thinking it would be).

I mean what was there to do?

1. Put everything in the crawlspace/away from the walls (check!)
2. Put up insulation (check!)
3. Put up drywall (check!)
4. Mud drywall (and here is where I am hung up).
5. Sand mud (hard to sand what isn’t there yet).

This whole “mudding” thing is really a lot harder than I thought. So far I’ve done 3 seams and attempted 3 feet of a corner. It did not go well and I’ve been told about a “corner tool” which I will hopefully soon be borrowing from a friend because I was told my other option was “patience and anal retentiveness” and patience is just not my strong suit. Especially when it comes to a project that I just want to be over already!

Also – because I know you’re all very interested in the new neighbor saga – I heard him come home last night and peaked out the window to watch him park (no, I am not a stalker, just a very annoyed neighbor). He pulled up past his driveway (good!) then turned on his reverse lights (better! (because his garage door was open)) and then he backed his Astro-Van (not small) until it was once again in front of his driveway (bad!) and across from mine (worse!). This morning it took another 5 point turn for Nate to get out of the driveway.

I considered running outside last night to ask him to move his car since there were 0 cars in his empty garage, 0 cars in his empty driveway, and 2 cars on the street, but then I would be that crazy lady across that street who has nothing better to do than watch out the window waiting for him to screw up. Which totally I’m not. Obviously.

5 thoughts on “The Neverending Garage Project

  1. I got it – here is what you do: The next time you guys talk to your neighbor again, tell them they should be careful about parking there because the previous neighbors had a hit and run on their car twice when they left their car in the drive way. Of course you would be completely lying to your neighbors, but that’s okay — they are new neighbors. On top of that, it makes you look like the concerned neighbor and everybody wins 🙂


  2. Other options include throwing a bunch of glass bottles in the road where he parks (when he’s not there of course). Probably not a good way to make friends though. You could also start parking on the street and being an ass. Maybe park where he parks. haha. That would be hilarious.


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