Preparing to do Battle

Sort of.

Last year I ordered my sister’s Christmas gift online and it was shipped via UPS and much to my surprise when they attempted to deliver it, a signature was required, I wasn’t home for the delivery, and thus a big fat delivery mess was created.

This year I ordered Nate’s gift from the very same place, shipped again by UPS. But this time, I will be ready.

According to their tracking website, my item should be delivered tomorrow and my boss has been nice enough to let me work from home so that I can be there to sign for it.

So I’m mostly confident that I’ll be there to sign for it and everything will go smoothly, but in the back of my mind I’m still just a teensy bit worried that it won’t come tomorrow. It will come Wednesday or something, I’ll miss being there to sign for it and then I’ll have to say mean things about UPS. Again.

Oh, and also? We met the new neighbors over the weekend. At least we met him, and 1.5 of their two kids (one of them came over with him to say hi while one of them continued to roll down the hill in their front yard). Seems nice enough I guess, although they do continue to park 2 cars on the street and 0 cars in their garage and driveway. I’m trying to think of a nice way to mention it to them so it won’t seem like I’m a bitch. You know, like “be careful about parking on the street, since residents aren’t supposed to on a regular basis and I know they do drive-bys to check on things like that” when really they may or may not actually do drive-bys and if they do get a notice it may or may not be because I’ve complained to the rest of the board about them parking there. Because really it sucks weaving back and forth down the street because cars are parked everywhere even though driveways are empty and playing “dodge-kid” because the parents that park their cars in the street also let their kids play in the street and it’s kind of hard to see them around the cars, and it’s kind of hard to pull out of our own driveway when there is a car directly behind is on the other side of the street.

One thought on “Preparing to do Battle

  1. UPS lies. They claim they’re going to make deliveries to me on a certain day all the time, but then it comes like 3 days later. They like to leave my packages languishing at the Greensboro hub.


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