The Exception to the Rule

Normally I’m not a big fan of basketball, but tonight I’m making an exception. Not only am I watching one college basketball game, I’m watching TWO! NCSU plays Michigan St. at 7 and UNC plays OSU at 9.

Go Pack! Go Buckeyes!

Oh, and I took Gouda to the vet tonight. This morning he started getting squinty so I made him an appointment. By the time I got home to take him to the vet he had also started rubbing his eye. Awesome. Fortunately they only did one extra test at the vet to determine whether he had a cut on his eye or not. He does not.

Also, after I got home I went to put the eye drops where I keep most of the pets’ meds and I found last year’s bottle of eye drops. Oh well, atleast now I  have a stockpile.