I’m Sensing a Pattern

Gouda has pink eye. Atleast I’m pretty sure it’s pink eye. Like 99% sure. Both dogs had pink eye last year followed by runny eyes due to possible allergies so they had two bottles of pink eye drops, then Benadryl* for a couple of weeks, plus the two additional tests to rule out eye ulcers and eye cuts. Since they’ve had allergies before and the vet said the molds are coming out due to the wet weather, we’re operating under the assumption that allergies escalated to pink eye. So he will be taking more Benadryl and having his eye rinsed out twice a day with saline eye drops. It’s making my eyes water just thinking about it.

Hopefully we can nip it in the bud before Layne gets it too. And of course, if it’s not better in a few days I’ll take him to the vet and let them run their tests. I just feel like we’ve been so many times lately we practically live there!

*DISCLAIMER: I know most people who read here wouldn’t go home and give their dogs Benadryl just because I said my vet said it was OK, but in case anyone happens to find this site on a search engine looking for dosing instructions, CALL YOUR VET!*

And also.. I don’t think I realized quite how much the dogs much touch eachother’s faces. As in “Layne, quit biting Gouda’s face” or “LAYNE, quit sniffing Gouda’s eye!” or “LAYNE! Don’t lick him!” It’s almost like she wants to get sick.

And now I’m wondering if I’ll need to wash all of the dog bedding that Gouda has touched because can Layne get pink eye from laying on the bed that Gouda was just laying on? UGH!

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