Dramamine Delirium

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I get motion sick on planes. The takeoff is usually ok, and most of the flight is usually ok, it’s just something about the landing that really gets me.

So anyways that means I normally take a (less drowsy) Dramamine about an hour before my flight and it helps a lot. It also normally makes me pretty drowsy. This time I swear it quit half way through the flight. It started off fine; I was all sleepy, sort of in that in between phase when you can feel yourself nodding off and your head starts bobbing and your mouth is wide open and you’re not entirely sure you’re not drooling but you’re too tired to care. Then all of a sudden I was wide awake. They said something about preparing for the final descent and there I was, wide awake thinking “Awesome! Now I won’t be groggy the rest of the night!”

Only really it was not awesome because as we approached the final descent things got a little bumpy. Turbulence normally does not bother me. It’s annoying when I’m trying to read, but I’m not one of those people thinking “OH MY GOD THE PLANE IS GOING TO CRASH,” mostly. This time though I started feeling a little queasy. And also very hot. So I took off my sweater (I had a tank top on under it) because I was sweating and the hotter I was the worse I felt. I also tried to close my eyes like that was going to help me go back to sleep because honestly, normally by this part of the trip I’m still pretty much half asleep in lala land and completely oblivious to the landing. This time I had the little air vent above me on, I had passed my sweater and my jacket off to Nate to hold because I was too hot to even have them on my lap and I was wondering how much trouble I’d get into for unbuckling to make a run for the bathroom instead of using one of those little airplane barf bags because that did NOT sound fun.

Finally we actually landed. It seemed like the longest landing ever. When we got off the plane my head was killing me and I was still a little nauseous, but atleast I was off the plane so there wasn’t anything that was actively making it worse. I immediately bought a sprite and a pack of regular drowsy Dramamine for the flight home.

By the time we went to dinner afterwards I was back to normal and then we went back to Nate’s brother’s house and I helped my sister-in-law make the casseroles for Thanksgiving dinner. That way all we had to do was put them in the oven Thursday morning. Somehow I made a broccoli casserole and a sweet potato pie (while she made the green bean casserole and a derby pie), but I could swear somehow the Dramamine was back on. I felt like I was practically delirious while making the casseroles, like I was on auto pilot. I don’t remember much about putting them together, I don’t remember a thing we talked about, everything after dinner that night is pretty foggy!

3 thoughts on “Dramamine Delirium

  1. Kimmy

    oh man that just sounds awful! my brother doesn’t feel well flying or going out on boats. heck, he used to have problems sitting in the back seat of a car. not me…doesn’t phase me a bit!


  2. I’m right there with Dotty. The plane is doomed from the start when I step on it. We’re not going to clear the trees on takeoff, we’re going to lose an engine when we’re in midflight, and we’re going to overshoot the runway when we are landing. No matter what, all I can see is a burning chaotic death when I am in a plane. Its not fun at all.

    I have taken dramamine before and it only works a little bit for me. I’ve even tried to intensify it by mixing a dramamine with about 6 margaritas in the airport bar.. it didn’t help. But at least we didn’t crash and burn, that’s all I cared about really.


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