The Meeting

So tonight was the big board meeting and in order to vote on new board members we needed to have 10% of the homes represented, or 62 people. Insted, we had about 15 people and 23 proxies. Awesome turnout, guys!

Instead we all voted anyways and decided to let the board appoint the two people. So our votes don’t technically count, they’re just going to be guidance. I voted for myself and our current president. I was the only one on the ballot who showed up so I thought I had that one in the bag. Turns out the current president had a last minute work related emergency and the other guy became a father yesterday. I’d say those are pretty solid excuses but I’m hoping that I still have a leg up on the guy with the new baby. We’ll see! I won’t find out until the board meets again next month and then they’ll notify me to post it on the web.

On the bright side, it seemed like a lot of people had seen the new website and they liked it. Go me!

And also I think my “a” key is having problems. Not cool!

The meeting was pretty interesting overall, especially hearing some of the complaints from some of the people in the neighborhood. One of the guys was talking about the ponds we have and the geese and the little geese babies we get and how he caught a kid throwing very large rocks at them. What kind of kid throws rocks at baby geese? Ugh.