My Dog, the Mental Giant

How many times can one dog run in circles chasing a fox that Nate is holding before he realizes that circles are not the answer?

Good question!

Nate holds a fox squeaky toy at the bottom of Gouda’s back. Gouda turns quickly to try to get the fox which somehow magically stays pinned to his butt.

For a minute there we thought he caught on beause Nate held the toy up and instead of turning a circle he backed up and grabbed the toy, but alas, our shock was short lived. He’s back to circles.

So somewhat related, we took the dogs for a walk today and we wound up being chased down our street by two young boys. When I say “chased” I don’t mean to say we ran from them, because we didn’t, but I did seriously consider it.

After we turned onto our street I heard one boy yell something to his friend about the dogs and he was going to pet the dogs and I knew he must be talking about me and Nate and our two lunatic dogs. So I suggested we walk faster because we looked back and the boys were headed straight for us. One of them even got on a scooter and was scooting down the street at us. Next thing I knew I heard a kid going “EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!” and he probably said it two or three times before I registered that he was talking to us and not his friend. So we stopped and turned around and he asked if he could pet the dogs.

Since he asked before attempting to pet them I said yes and walked Gouda over there to get petted. The kid asked what his name was and seemed content to pat him on the head a couple of times before grabbing his scooter and heading back up the street.

I’m not worried about the dogs being mean or anything, just about Gouda giving a sneak attack kiss on the face (which sometimes hurts if he gets you right) and hurting some random kid. Fortunately he was too exhausted to be sneaky.

Lastly, tomorrow is the annual HOA meeting where they choose board members and vote on stuff, so wish me luck because I’m gonna try and get on the board! I want to be on the board but I told Nate if by some horrible horrible mistake I were to become president, we’d have to move.

And now I’m going to bed because it’s after 9pm and I’m really freakin sleepy already!

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