Is it Friday Yet?

Thank GOD tomorrow is Friday.

On Monday it seemed that Gouda may have had an upset stomach. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Fortunately it was all coming out the correct end so there was no mess in the house. Tuesday I put him on a bland diet and figured he just ate something weird. On Wed. he didn’t go at all so we thought we were going in the right direction but today we were proved wrong. Nate had the day off work so he called me to say he thought maybe we should take Gouda to the vet. So this afternoon I took Gouda to the vet and $300 later he has antibiotics and there is pretty much nothing wrong with him. Not that I’m upset there’s nothing wrong with him, I mean it sure beats the alternative, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive to figure out!

And also – the vet loved Gouda. She thought he was adorable and such a neat (and compact) dog. I’m sure she says that to all the dogs, but Gouda sure seemed to appreciate the attention, although he did not so much appreciate having his temperature taken!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with an asthma/allergies specialist because the inhaler I got from the clinic at work isn’t working as well as the PA (or I) would like. The pressure is mostly gone, but not completely, I yawn a lot, I still get winded if I’m too active, or if I sing in the car. It’s kind of exausting and it’s making me pretty cranky. It’s really frustrating not being able to do everything I’m used to doing in the evening.

So anyways, yay Friday! I see myself in bed by 9 tomorrow. At the latest, and then I plan on sleeping til 9 on Saturday and it will be AWESOME.

5 thoughts on “Is it Friday Yet?

  1. Traci

    Ask them about Singulair. It helps the bronchial stuff and allergies. I’ve had great luck with it for similar symptoms. Hope you feel better.


  2. rachel

    I feel you on the dog expenses. If that “upset stomach” doesn’t clear up on bland diet, though, better safe than sorry! Beth used to have a chronic upset stomach, and we would put a couple of tablespoons of yogurt on her food, and that really helped.


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