I Almost Ate Mussels

Last night at dinner I ordered a seafood pescatore at Carrabbas. I almost ordered it “hold the mussells” but after listening to my friend Ted describe how tasty mussels were (and not at all squishy or chewy or overall gross as I had imagined they would be) I decided to man up and try something new!

Until the mussels actually got there. I mean he told me they would stll be in their shells, so I sort of had them pictured as little scallops in shells. Only they weren’t. They were worse and way more scary. I couldn’t do it. I looked at it, I even pulled one out of the shell but in the end I gave the mussels to Ted and Jennifer because I am a wuss and I just couldn’t do it.

Note: I ate a piece of calamari once and it was so traumatic I must have blocked it because I have no memory of the taste or consistancy of it. I don’t know who I was kidding with the mussels.

Other than that my weekend was pretty good. I drank a lot of wine and woke up with a pounding headache and then spent most of today doing nothing. Can’t beat it!

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