I Should Not Be Allowed to Self Diagnose

So earlier in the week my chest started to hurt. First it was only when I swallowed, then it was only when I swallowed or when I thought about it. Then I discovered I was thinking about it all the time and it was hurting all the time. Or it was hurting all the time so I was thinking about it all the time. After a day or two I couldn’t tell the difference.

I’ve never really had pain in my chest before so I had no idea what could have been causing it. I was about 99% sure it was nothing and would go away and 1% sure that I would have a heart attack at age 28. Over active imagination much?

So by Wednesday my chest didn’t hurt any more, it was now more of a tightness. It felt heavy and not as easy to breathe. I figured it was definitely my imagination, all in my head. Except then I started getting winded walking up the stairs and while singing in the car. So I figured maybe I was coming down with a cold or something. Maybe.

This morning I called and scheduled an appointment with the onsite clinic at work and in the mean time I went to WebMD to try and diagnose myself. By the way, pretty much if you select anything about pain in your chest it PANICS and tells you to CALL YOUR DOCTOR NOW! So of course that made me feel better… By the time I was done I was sure it was either a cold, pneumonia, or something called pleurisy. Because I had like two of the symptoms and I’m pretty suggestive.

Turns out the doctor thinks I have a sort of seasonal asthma thing going on. Something about the bronchial tubes constricting and making it more difficult to get air in. She said she’s seen a lot of it this year, since the weather has been so funky and that it’s due to the changing of the seasons and shouldn’t last too long. Just until winter. In the mean time I’ve been given an inhaler to use twice a day and if I still wind up getting winded during exercise or other physical activities she can give me a short acting inhaler to use before exercise. I should notice a difference in a couple of days and I need to report back in about a week to check my progress.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed asthma. Fortunately it’s only temporary because this pressure in my chest is seriously driving me to distraction. I almost didn’t know if I should have been medicated for the chest pain or for the anxiety over my obsession.

So anyways, I hope this doesn’t impact my weekend any since I had sort of planned on helping Nate insulate and hang drywall in the garage. I think Nate has recruited Ted so it probably wouldn’t be the end of the world if I wasn’t much help, but I hate not being able to do stuff!

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  1. We’re only handy because we have to be! The garage is right below the masterbedroom and it gets SO COLD in the winter. We’re hoping the insulation will help that out a little bit.


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