Happy Halloween!

We’re hanging in tonight to give out candy. I’m sure the dogs will enjoy barking every time the door bell rings. I already changed both of their costumes because Gouda’s spider wouldn’t stay straight on his back and Layne kept trying to scrape her cape off. Now he’s wearing a spider costume and she’s wearing an orange skirt.

I took my costume off because while the dress was completely adorable and so were my silver flats, I’m pretty sure the kids coming door to door wouldn’t even know I was dressed up and that collar was so high I sometimes felt like the dress was trying to strangle me.

We just saw two costumed dogs going for a walk. I’m glad we’re not the only ones!

So for noe, Nate is making pumkpin cookies now, hopefully I’ll be making dinner soon and I’m trying to resist the urge to put a candle in the pumpkin because it’s not dark yet and it’s too soon!

I love Halloween.

UPDATE: Ok, so funniest thing.. Just as a small group of kids were leaving the house a group of older kids were running towards the house like a stampede. They came running up squeezing to the door taking candy and yelling “thanks” as they ran back down the steps. As they were coming and going I heard one guy say “hurry, we don’t have all day” and another girl say “well I have until 10!” and something else about double time and hurry up! It was pretty funny. Normally I’m not a big fan of the older kids going out (these kids were definitely in high school) but they were all dressed up, and polite and pretty freakin funny so I’ll give them a pass.

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