Horses are Just Like Big Dogs

And when I say “big” I really mean “huge”.

Today we went out to the house of one of Nate’s coworkers to help him pack some stuff up. He and his wife are moving to Texas this week so Nate wanted to try to help out. I just went to pet the horses.

After getting the trailor loaded up he took us out to visit with the (three) horses. We stopped and picked up carrots on the way. I hate to pet horses empty handed! It’s fun though, going out into the field with them just out in the open like that without them being in stalls or on the other side of a fence. Asside from the fact that they’re huge and could trample you in a heart beat, they’re really just like giant dogs. I had a baggie full of carrots and they were all sorts of pushing and nudging and reaching and trying to nab a carrot. It’s cute, and at the same time it’s almost scary because they’re so huge. They were really sweet though, and so pretty, and boy did they like the carrots!

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