Flu Shot

So today I got a flu shot. My company offers them for free on site so I figured why not.

This is the first year I’ve had a flu shot. Mostly I was just never really worried, plus one year Nate got one and then was still laid out for a week with the flu, so it didn’t look especially helpful to me.

Mostly I just didn’t want to get a shot. I’m not sure why, but the thought of getting a shot really did not sit well with me. Having blood drawn at the doctor’s office? No problem. Donating blood? No problem. Having someone stick a needle in my arm for a flu shot? Big problem! So I waffled for a while and eventually decided to suck it up and get the stupid shot.

Fortunately I was wearing a tank top under my button down shirt today, because the sleeves on my shirt could not roll up high enough for them to get to that part of my arm. I was not very well prepared. I also had to sit down there and be observed for a few minutes after the shot, I guess to make sure I didn’t have a bad reaction to it. The most common side effect listed was “a sore arm” which is kind of a given considering the part where they stick a needle into your arm.

Also, surprisingly, it didn’t hurt. Well, it hurt a little. But it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I had built it up in my head to hurt. I guess it never does. My least favorite part about giving blood is the part where they prick your finger to test your iron. I hate it. It rarely hurts, but for some reason I dread that part the most. Again, the part where they put the big needle in my arm to draw the blood? Not a problem. Tiny needle to get a drop of blood to test my iron? Big problem!

So anyways, the good news is I had the shot, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the flu anyways, and now my arm is sore.

And it’s still raining today which really just makes everything fine. So far we’ve probably had 2 inches, even though we’d need 15 to end the drought. So 2 down, 13 to go!

3 thoughts on “Flu Shot

  1. I got the flu shot for the first time last year. I only had to because I was pregnant. I dreaded it terribly, but it wasn’t so bad. They didn’t even observe me! They had us lined up like cattle, gave us the shot and then slapped us on the ass and told us to leave.


  2. The last time I got the flu shot I swore I’d never get another one ever again. i was miserable for a little over a week. Lewis Black has a really good comedy segment about flu shots and how awful they are. I recommend it.


  3. Kimmy

    I’ve been thinking about getting a flu shot this year. I don’t’ really mind the shot, and I’m the queen of getting sick, so I figure, heck, why not. I have gotten it in the past and not had any problems.


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