The Perfect Present

My sister turned 26 over the weekend and until just now, I didn’t have a gift for her yet. I just couldn’t think of anything to save my life! Sometimes she’s really easy to shop for but this time I was just having trouble. I tried asking her what she wanted (seems logical) but her reponse was “can you get pregnant for my birthday?” which umm, no but nice try.

So finally I’ve ordered her a monogrammed sweater from jcrew online. She’s always liked her name and her initials so I figured it was as good an idea as any. So I called and asked her what color she wanted and what size she wore because I’m just never sure about that part (I’m such a good sister..). Now I get to go to Target and pick up a card and a gift bag!

I feel less bad about being late since she was late for my birthday too. Good thing neither one of us are especially uptight about that stuff!

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