Door to Door

Today we had a Jehovah’s witness come to the door. Someone knocked, I answered and stepped outside because it was a woman and a young girl and don’t girl scout cookies go on sale soon, or is that just wishful thinking? Yeah, anyways she handed me

3 thoughts on “Door to Door

  1. I don’t like it when anyone comes to the door, whether its girl scouts or boy scouts or religious zealots. It would be nice if they’d just come up to the door, leave a flyer or something, and then turn around and leave without disrupting me. That way I could read about whatever crap they are peddling at my own convenience.

    And yeah, that was a terrible terrible no-call in the Louisville game. I hate UConn so I wish the refs would’ve had their eyes open. Booooo!


  2. i usually make it a habit to simply never answer the door no matter what. . . i figure if it was one of my bastard friends making a surprise visit — they would simply ring the door bell 500 times. . . or if it was something really important, i would have gotten a phone call. . .

    when i was young, i remember a guy trying to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners came to our house — when he realized he wasn’t going to be able to make a sale — he started *crying* as he left

    . . . i’d rather not even give someone the chance to be dissappointed


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