I Can’t Wait Any Longer

Tonight I’m going to get my winter clothes and pajamas out of storage and also pack away my shorts and some of my summer clothes. I realize that I can’t pack them all away because the minute I do it’ll be 90 degrees out again and I’ll need them, but I just can’t take it any more. I need to see my sweaters!

Really I sort of already unpacked some of my sweaters but my favorite sweater was not where I thought it would be and that has me a little nervous so now I have to go through all of my winter clothes and make sure that it still exists. I’ve lost articles of clothing before, but not in a really long time so I have relatively high hopes. (Once in highschool a pair of really cute bell bottoms disappeared and once in college my favorite-at-the-time gray sweater disappeared. I’m sure I left it somewhere like class or something stupid like that).

Anyways, I love the cooler weather. Maybe this will be the year that I finish the scarf that I started knitting for Nate almost three years ago.

Then again, maybe not!

Also, I definitely thought this was the year I was going to put up more decorations for Halloween but so far all I have is my little bat/spider lantern and my mums, one of which is very, very dead, and I kind of think it’s almost too late to decorate because I’d put it up and then in a week or so it would just have to come down. I do want to get new mums though because those are totally good through Thanksgiving (or however long the next set lives)!

And lately, this has been a really boring week. Nate had class Monday and Tuedsay which was normal and then yesterday he had to go into work at 7:30 and didn’t get home til 11 and tonight he has class again and then has to go into work when class is over so basically for me it’s been a really really boring week and I’ve gotten absolutely nothing accomplished, except some mild house cleaning and laundry. BLAH!

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