Pushing Daisies

I just watched the first two episodes of Pushing Daisies and I LOVED it. Seriously, it’s SO cute, is anyone else watching it?

I also spent about an hour crawling around the back yard this evening scooping up the stupid nuts because they’re too small to rake and I’m not really sure how else to get them off the ground so for now, scooping it is! I also pulled several weeds, put down more seed and watered the lawn a little.

Did I mention that in my one solid hour of crawling around scooping up nuts and weeds that I really only covered one fourth to one third of the area that is currently covered in nuts? Because that’s about how long it took me to cover such a small area and my yard is still COVERED in nuts.

And also, tomorrow is my birthday. I’m turning 28. I really have no big feelings associated with this birthday. I remember turning 27 and thinking how nice 26 was and how 27 seemed so old. Right. I thought the same thing when I turned 25, and probably 24 too. Anyways, this year I have no such feelings. For some reason 28 seems just fine to me.

It is kind of funny though, because in college when I saw myself at 28 I saw myself married, with a good job and I saw 28 as the age where I would be ready to start a family. HA! Don’t get me wrong, someday sure, but 28 just doesn’t feel as old and mature as I thought it would back when I was 20.

6 thoughts on “Pushing Daisies

  1. rachel

    I am watching pushing daisies, I love it! You should watch reaper.

    He was right about the acorns, I spent most of the year pulling up baby oaks. We are drenched in them too, if that helps. We are going to try to use the vaccum feature on our leaf blower to get them up. Just so you know, they are toxic to dogs. our dogs eat them too, and haven’t suffered from it, but I would try not to let them eat a lot.

    Happy birthday!


  2. Kimmy

    Happy Birthday!! Earlier this year when I turned 28 I thought to myself, “28 is great!” It rhymes…so I think that means it has to be good. I haven’t see “Pushing Daisies” yet, but I want too…that’s one of the new shows out this Fall that I’d really like to get into.


  3. We are watching Pushing Daisies. It’s created by the same guy who did Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls. Which means it will be cancelled within six episodes because it’s so awesome.


  4. Happy birthday! 🙂

    I’ve been watching Pushing Daisies, and I think I may be the only person that doesn’t like it. I LOVED Wonderfalls, but Pushing Daisies is over the top cheesy for me. Plus, I hate when people burst into song on TV shows or in movies, so the singing in this week’s episode really pushed me over the edge into not liking it. :


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