The Nuts are Taking Over

Literally. They’re everywhere! I only wish I was kidding.


I just do not remember the nuts being this bad last year. I really don’t remember there being a problem with nuts at all. Now I find myself wondering if I should be picking them all up, because are they going to kill my grass. I mean I don’t think a single nut could kill the grass, but if a whole group of nuts is sitting on one spot, I’m pretty sure the nuts will suffocate the grass and that is definitely not the look we’re going for in the back yard. I’m just having trouble motivating myself to pick up the nuts.

Gouda, on the other hand, will pick up every nut he finds. Sometimes he’ll even chew them before he decides they are, in fact, not a food. Then, of course, sometimes he decides they are a food. Go figure.

It also actually kind of hurts to get hit with the nuts when they’re falling. I got hit with one the other day and I thought it was just Nate throwing it at me like he does to the dogs when he’s on the deck and they’re not. (We’re such good parents). Turns it was just the tree.

And finally, I got Gouda a new Halloween costume this year. I didn’t plan on it (he already has two other costumes), it was just there, and cute, and I couldn’t resist. So does it make me a bad parent that I did not get one for Layne too? Technically they wear the same size so she could always wear this costume, I just think it’s better suited for him then for her. Or maybe you just think I’m crazy for buying costumes for the dogs in the first place. If that’s the case feel free to refrain from responding.

4 thoughts on “The Nuts are Taking Over

  1. nameless former coworker

    Some oak trees develop acorns only every other year. If you don’t rake them up, you will hate yourself next spring when they all take root and sprout.


  2. Kimmykins13

    I hope you will post pictures of Goulda in his costume. Let Layne wear one of the other two that he wore before. Then they will both be dressed. My cat has a pink medieval princess cap that says “PRINCESS” on it and and little pink skirt that velcros on. Believe it or not – she hates every minute of it and is totally miserable when I put it on her but never trys to take it off. It’s so CUTE!


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