Frogmore Stew

The other night my mom called me to ask if I wanted any frogmore stew. She was making it for dinner and knew she had way too much for just her and my dad so I could pick some up when ever.

First of all, I had never heard of frogmore stew. She told me it involved shrimp, crabs, potatos and corn. Sounds good to me, right? So the next day she dropped off the leftovers (I know, I’m spoiled, what can I say). Today I pulled them out of the fridge and took bowl out of the bag and the foil off the bowl and realized that not only does frogmore stew not involve frogs, but it really doesn’t involve stew either.

So of course I immediately called my mother, because what else do you do when faced with food you’re not sure what to do with. I did as she advised, I put it all into a pot of water to boil, just to heat it up since it was already cooked.

I also have to admit I’m slightly freaked out about the fact that MY SHRIMP STILL HAVE LEGS. Generally I prefer for my shrimp to be de-legged and even de-tailed before I get them, if at all possible. I told Nate he might have to take the legs off of my shrimp for me. I think he thought I was kidding. I was not. My old office mate, who was Chinese, ate the shrimp pretty much whole once. She took the head off with her chopsticks and then ate the shrimp legs and all. I was in awe.

So wish me luck. My “stew” is on the stovetop hopefully boiling and I have shrimp with legs and crablegs with no crab leg crackers in my future. Fortunately it will take a lot more than lack of crackers to keep me from those crablegs. I will find a way!

PS – Thanks mom!

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