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So the fall TV season has started up again, and soon all of my free time in the evenings will be taken up by quality time spent on my sofa. Last season I don’t think I started watching any new shows, because I had too many “old” ones I was already watching. This season, however, new shows have been picked up, including some old shows that are “new” to me!

Over the summer Nate and I somehow caught Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother. I’m not really sure how either. They must have just been on when we turned on the TV and before we could turn the station we realized they were actually pretty funny and how had we not known about this before?! So that was added to the DVR list. I also added new shows Private Practice, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Gossip Girl, and Big Bang Theory.

I forgot to tape Private Practice so I haven’t seen it yet. It’s still on the “maybe” list where I’m still not 100% sold on it but I want to give it a chance. Same with Pushing Daisies. Haven’t seen it yet so I can’t decide whether or not I’ll keep it. I save Big Bang Theory and have removed it from my DVR. The commercials were funny, but they were also full of the funniest parts of the show. As a geek I felt like they were trying too hard and way too clichéd. It was funny, it just didn’t sit quite right with me. Chuck, on the other hand, I loved and will be keeping, and as for Gossip Girl? I hadn’t planned on watching it at all, but Meg turned it on while we were at the beach and I liked it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for Teen Dramas. This one is on the “maybe” list too, but so far it looks like a keeper.

And of course that’s not including all the shows from last season that are still on, like Grey’s Anatomy (also kind of on the maybe list), Desperate Housewives (I want to stop watching but so far I can’t), House, Bones, Nip/Tuck (hopefully will be good for a whole season), Medium (coming back mid season but hopefully sooner), 30 Rock, The Office, My Name is Earl, Scrubs (coming back sometime?), 24 (coming back mid season, I wonder what happens if Kiefer goes to jail..), and Californication (which I always watch On Demand and am not sure how long the season is)…not to mention, when does the Tudors come back??

Anyone have any other new shows I may be missing out on? I know pretty much everyone just loooves Lost and Heroes, but I never watched and never really felt like I was missing out.

5 thoughts on “Fall TV

  1. if you ever get a chance to watch Ace of Cakes, I think you would really like it.

    other than that, I want to strap everyone in america down and force them to watch The Office, but you already wised up so you’re off the hook 🙂


  2. I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy since the first episode, but I absolutely refuse to watch Private Practice. I never liked Addison’s character to start with, and I thought the spin-off episode they had last season was awful.

    I’ll second Ace of Cakes – I love that show! My other favorite shows, Monk & Psych, are on over the summer but I highly recommend them both 🙂


  3. That would be awesome! I hope the movie is good! I seriously can’t imagine it without Mandy though.. maybe he will be back since he doesn’t so much have another tv show any more…


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