What a Day!

The cable guy came out today to try to see if we had a problem with our cable. Sometimes the channels get all pixelated and then the channel stalls and goes black. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does happen it sucks. So anyways the guy couldn’t find a problem so he replaced both cable boxes and that was that.  

Nate went with a friend to the NCSU/Lousville game today and while he was gone my dad came over to help me with the toilet problem. The problem being the toilet is still running, even after I got a new flapper. So we figured it was the flush valve. Only he couldn’t get the screw to budge. Part of the problem was the fact that the screw required a very big screw driver. Bigger than any we have, and we have some big ones. I think another part of the problem is just that everything in that tank was rusty and corroded. He said we might even have to replace the whole toilet so I decided to call the Home Warranty people. Nate said “I told you so” since he wanted to call them in the first place, but I just can’t shell out $60 for the warranty fee when the fix might potentially only cost like $5. 

Afterwards we were watching part of a football game on and dad tried to change the channel and the channel said I had to subscribe. Not cool. So I went upstairs to try it and when the upstairs box booted up it said “your cable has been disconnected, please call your service provider.” Umm, what?! So I went downstairs and rebooted the box and had the same problem. This was not ok. So I called and got the “we’re experiencing higher than normal call volumes” message and then I waited… and waited.. and finally got a real person that seemed to think everything was fine on their end and sent some signal and had me reboot and it did nothing. So she offered to call the tech back out to look at it. While she was trying to get ahold of him it came back on. That seemed to surprise her too. I figured as long as it was back I was happy, but I wondered if it was a widespread problem and that’s why they had a high call volume.

So after that I decided that I was going to paint the ceilings in the master bath and the laundry room. It’s freakin hard to paint the ceiling, looking up and stuff all the time. What a pain!  Seriously, it sucks, but it looks a lot better. Next weekend I’ll have to go back around and touchup the paint on the edges because the tape I used so I wouldn’t paint the walls peeled a little paint off some areas. Tradeoffs I guess.

And lastly, I’m getting pretty hoarse. I’m still congested, still no sinus pressure, but I’m starting to develop a cough and now I can barely talk. It’s awesome.

So anyways, it’s 9pm and I’m wishing I hadn’t taken that sudafed at 7 because then I could take a nyquil and go to sleep for 2 years which would be great since I woke up at 7:30 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep which, for a Saturday, is just not right.