Out Late on a School Night

Last night I went with Nate and Ted and Jen and Mike and Jen (don’t even get me started on how many Jen’s I know) to a concert at Walnut Creek. It was Skillet, Seether, Breaking Ben and Three Days Grace.

We heard Skillet from the parking lot and they sounded pretty good. We saw most of Seether and they were awesome. Breaking Ben is a really great show and by the time Three Days Grace came out it was 10pm (otherwise known as my bedtime) and I was just exhausted!

Oh, and also? Breaking Ben it sexist. (Not really I just want to see if I’ll get any hits off that).

The lead singer for Breaking Ben? In.Tense. Love their music, but he looks like he could stare a hole through a brick wall (or your skull) if he needed to! Anyways, during their show he went around throwing water bottles to the crowd talking about how this tour no one had dropped one yet (no pressure!) and he wanted to keep it going. So he’s tossing them out and making little remarks as they’re caught and he said “and that one was a chick!” in a “wow, even girls can catch” kind of way, and then he pulled his foot out of his mouth and made a joke about how tomorrow the websites would be all “Breaking Ben is sexist”. So I didn’t want to disappoint! Great show though. Seriously, it was awesome. That’s the second time I’ve seen them here and I would definitely go see them again.

Only bummer about the show (aside from the past my bed time part) would be that we sat SO CLOSE to the speakers. I mean so close. And my ears were already doing the itchy congestion thing, add to it the ringing loud-music thing and last night as I was (finally) lying in bed (after midnight, people, I was awake AFTER MIDNIGHT) I didn’t think I’d ever get to sleep.

Also this was the second time I saw Seether. Last time was at House of Blues and they were awesome both times. The only thing that I was bummed about was unlike last time, there was no chick touring with the group to sing Broken with them. When I saw them at HoB they had Fly Leaf with them and that girl could seriously sing.

Anyways, that’s pretty much it for me. Getting less than 6 hours of sleep in one night is less than my feeble-snot-stricken body can handle so I’ll probably be in bed around 8 tonight.

5 thoughts on “Out Late on a School Night

  1. ear plugs at concerts are very smart. even with normal wear and tear we lose a disturbing amount of our hearing (at the top of our frequency, mostly) as we get older.


  2. I could seriously have used some earplugs last night. And I had heard something about Skillet being a Christian band, but I didn’t know about the rest of them. Nate’s the big music buff in this family. I just like the way stuff sounds and go with it, he knows the details.


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